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JANDA offers a virtuous cycle of revenue growth through easy subscription and free experience.

Feature 1
Don't worry about marketing.
We have an agency!

Famous One-man Influence.

Power Blogger, which runs influential blogs on portal sites, and social networking Youtube, InstaGram, and FaceBook Influencer, which have hundreds of thousands of followers, sell through contracts with JANDA to increase sales.

We're looking for a one-man start-up to join us!

· Anyone can start a business easily.
· You can make a profit without an investment.
· You can be the president of the hotel.
· You can make a profit from two jobs.

Feature 2
Don't worry about labor costs.
We have an AI unmanned solution.

Advantage 1, Unmanned Solution

Advantage 2, AI Artificial Intelligence Secretary

Advantage 3, Multilingual Service

Advantage 4, Partner Product Reservation Interworking

Things available for 50,000 won a month

Cloud-based, on- and off-line accommodation and integrated reservation solution. Based on the reservation solution, we provide operating solutions and integrated marketing systems for the accommodation and entertainment industries.

Cloud Integrated Scheduling Solution


AI Multilingual Unmanned Guidebook


Free creation of premium homepage

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Use a trusted
AWS cloud-based

Reduce operating costs
Pay only as much as you use to reduce costs by scale
Elastic operations
Flexible scaling to meet the predicted need requirements
Speed and Stability
Deploy infrastructure in minutes to respond to change








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2019. 06. 19

부산경제진흥원, 공유기업 19개사 선정 육성 사업 추진

이번에 선정된 공유기업 가운데 올해 새로 선정된 곳은 15개사이며 (중략) 재선정 기업에는(중략) 중소 숙박업 전문플랫폼 잔다 (중략) 등이 있다...

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2019. 10. 14

부산 국제금융센터(BIFC)에서 열린 'U-Space BIFC' 개소식

은성수 금융위원장이 부산 국제금융센터(BIFC)에서 열린 'U-Space BIFC' 개소식에 참석해 오거돈 부산광역시장을 비롯한 'U-Space' 입주 기업인들과...

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2019. 08. 13

부산시, 부산관광기업지원센터 입주할 우수관광기업 선정

부산시는 부산관광공사, 한국관광공사와 함께 '부산관광기업지원센터(이하 센터) 입주기업 공모결과'를 발표했다. □ 관광(예비)스타트업 33개사 명단 (중략) 잔다...

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