So far, there has been no solution that reduces vacancy rate.

· Agency Integrated Marketing System
· Cloud-based integrated reservation and accommodation management
· AI Customized Recommendation House Guidebook
It also provides consulting for more than 10 years of offline operation experience.

How to reduce vacancy rate

JANDA's expert and trusted solution.

  • Agency Integrated Marketing System

    Digitize room sales and establish a systematic customer acquisition strategy with in-flow documentation and JANDA Agency systems.

  • Cloud-based integrated reservation and accommodation management

    Customer data collection, processing and OTA channel link will help to increase sales.

  • AI Customized Recommended House Guide

    The multi-language accommodation guide and AICroling-based contact interface provide the convenience of hosts and guests.

Virtuous Circle Process

We have established a trust-based revenue-generating virtuous circle process by renewing the foundation for on- and off-line connection between accommodation operation and concierge that has been built up through direct and merchant management for a long time.

Thorough Guest Inlet Analysis

Detailed automated system analysis of the accommodation selection paths and trends provides the optimal guest entry method.

Trust-based, customizable solutions

rovide trust-based accommodation by performing maintenance on the field feedback to satisfy both the host and guest.

Generate additional revenue

Additional revenue generation will be provided through the contact center, activity link, and space rental commodification support service.

Induce continuous accommodation through AI

It analyzes and processes big data accumulated over the years with AI technology to induce continuous guest accommodation, rather than one-off.

Manage your accommodations with ease and accuracy.

Easily create your own homepage according to your host's preferences, manage complex accommodation reservations automatically with simple settings, and a multi-language online accountancy guide book for guests and hosts.

Supports all devices including PC, SmartPhone, Tablet, and others

The latest generation of reactive and optimization technologies are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient JANDA solution for all host and guest access devices.

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